About Our Group

MCIG's mission is to seek out the hidden prospects and metamorphose them into business opportunities within untapped markets.

The long-term goal of The Matrex Capital Investment Group, is to become one of the most trusted names in the Global Market; and for our industry models and strategies to be recognised as 'game changing' , in the business world. We work to become the ultimate benchmark in new reliable business ideas, and we implement these ideas with a strong emphasis on value add to our stakeholders. Through the tenacity and hard work of all Matrex teams, and through the continuing development of flourishing partnerships with multinational organisations & individuals, we achieve sustainable growth for our business.
The Matrex Capital Investment Group, commenced business in 2003 under the name of Mediterranean and African for Trade and Export (MATREX) Ltd and was initially registered in Egypt as a shareholding company, owned by the investment group Mansour and El Maghrabi for Investment and Development (MMID), Mr Mohab Zakaria as well as two other individual shareholders. Between the years 2003-2011, and through partner consensus, Mr. Mohab Zakaria was elected as the Chief Executive Officer. He established sister companies to MATREX to tap into different business sectors and expand the portfolio. These companies covered business in the areas of trade, export, supply chain, as well as contracting, engineering, manufacturing. The companies' scope of business covered Egypt, Sudan, Afghanistan, Angola, Uganda, Chad, India and Bangladesh. Following the Egyptian uprising in 2011, MMID offered the opportunity for Mr. Zakaria to make an offer of buying out their shares, as well as those of the remaining two partners. Drawing on his extensive expertise in Credit Banking, as well as his enhanced entrepreneurial skills, Mr. Zakaria was able to implement a complete restructure of MATREX Egypt and its sister companies, transforming them into The Matrex Capital Investment Group; 'MCIG'.
Today, MCIG has taken steps to shift its business strategy and operations, to reflect the new direction in which its business is engaged. Through the acquisition of seasoned professionals, bringing on board specialised partnerships and investors to feed the group's diverse sectors MCIG is expanding its current corporate portfolio. MCIG is currently doing business in three specific sectors, each with its own team of experts to lead its development, as well as a seed capital to grow the individual projects within each of these diverse sectors.

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